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Why Coaching?

As a personal trainer, it is not within your scope of practice to recommend any type of nutrition plan. However, clients struggle with their diet and are often misinformed. Some diets may cause setbacks and even harmful health risks. Because of that, it is vital to be qualified. Prescribing a nutrition plan must be thoughtful and educated. This course is designed to do just that! And that is why we only teach NASM curriculum, because it is the most respected and accepted certification in fitness. Learn to put your clients on the healthiest route toward their best selves. As a Certified Nutrition Coach, you will have the ability to design individualized nutrition coaching. Change lives and increase your market value by adding Certified Nutrition Coach to your resume.

What you will learn

What is the future of cnc?

We cannot predict the future, however, recent times have taught us to be prepared. Personal trainers are in high demand and the need for nutritional coaches is even higher. Become more marketable, increase your income and stabilize your job security. You can change lives. It starts here. Check out what is saying about Certified Nutrition coaches.

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