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NASM Personal Trainer Certification

The Process

To work as a Personal Trainer, you must first be certified. To be a successful trainer you must be qualified.The school offers many ways to help you become that successful trainer from start to finish.

main key features about this class

Lab- Instructor led hands on teaching. Get your hands on equipment and start training Day 1! This part of our course is designed for visual learners and those who need to DO to learn.

Lecture-  The main reason future trainers fail is because of the advanced material. For that reason, it is tough to study at home outside of a classroom environment. In many cases, students need further explanation of the book and are not left any resources to help. Our classroom lecture is instructor led coverage of the NASM textbook intended to help students pass their national exam.

Private Tutoring and Study Halls are also available to past and current students.

Why us?

Financial  Time 

Comparison Chart


Job Placement



Time of completion

4-6 Years

3 to 6 Months

time to pay back (ROI)

Multiple Years

1-3 Months 


$40k – $120k Plus


Interest % $

Depends on loan company

0% Interest

Yearly income

$10,000 – $80,000

$10,000 – $80,000

The new office

The Laboratory

At The PIT

The definition of the office has been changed . Work in a different type of environment , no sitting for long periods of time, no 30 min lunch breaks , make your own schedule , work part time or full time, make a difference in peoples lives and feel rewarded.

the pit personal training gym

hard work

Key to success

Amazing results

Comes from discipline

fun and rewarding

Enjoy the process and help people along the way.

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Study Hall Hours


10:00 am - 1:00pm


Study Hall Hours


10:00 am - 1:00pm




10:00 am - 1:00pm




This course is for anyone who is serious about fitness. Although we have fun in every class, we do not cut corners or slack off. Students are expected to enroll with a great attitude and an aptitude for fitness instruction. Must be 16 years old to get started with parental consent.18 years old to sit for the national exam.


Notepad, pen, water bottle. Be dressed to workout. Have your fitness related questions prepared. Always bring a coachable attitude.

First class is FREE! We want you to love it before you investing in this life changing career. We offer different educational paths and multiple payment plan options. Total cost of tuition is $3999 or $3499 Paid in Full. Military and First Responder discounts available.

YES!! We have multiple payment plan options and work individually with students to help find the most affordable way to get you certified!

YES!! We are affiliated with several gyms in the San Antonio area including TruFit, Anytime Fitness, GymGuyz, Camp Gladiator and Gold’s Gym to name a few.

Won’t Happen In One Day

Don't Give up With out Trying