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Who Hires our students ?

What gyms are hiring ?

Several gyms in the San Antonio area including TruFit, Anytime Fitness, GymGuyz,Camp Gladiator and Gold’s Gym to name a few. When looking for a job after the course, it is important to have the most accepted and respected certification. That’s why we teach (NASM) Personal Training Certification material to our students to ensure job placement. NASM is considered a top tier certification by the most successful fitness companies, boot camps, group training , coaches and gyms that partner with us.

is there a
big demand
Personal trainers?

YES!! The industry is changing. Gyms now prefer hands on trained professionals. Companies are constantly looking for qualified and certified personal trainers.

JObs available

Personal Training  is always the first option. Dont feel limited , other positions are available as you evolve in this field. Fitness and Gym Managers jobs are available. Sales teams are always a great way to gain experience while going through school to have a relationship built in your gym before getting certified.

How do I get Hired

First you must be Certified before start to train people. It is a required for all personal trainers to start working. Are you ready to start to change lives and take the first step?

Be Qualified to be job ready

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